The SPG GmbH, which LWU represents in Poland and Central Europe sells and distributes a wide selection of pumps. A speciality in this range are the modularly configurable heavy duty slurry pumps suitable for various applications.

Guaranteeing high performance, a wide portfolio of products with easy and fast maintenance SPG provides one of the most interesting, versatile and competitive alternative heavy duty pumps currently available on the market. Particularly in the mining and mineral industry SPG employees have built up a wealth of valuable experience over decades enabling us to not only give competent and qualified advice in the project design phase but also to provide optimum configuration and
computation of your equipment during operation.

Usually we have the standard sizes of pumps like 3/2, 4/3, 6/4 and 8/6 on stock so that we can provide you with short delivery times. For these sizes and for bigger pumps till 12/10 we store the necessary spare parts in our stock usually.

Our Offer:

  • SPG centrifugal pumps with modular design and easy operation and service
  • Application: in heavy industry, with high solid concentration and abrasive properties, e.g.: mining, energy, chemical, sand and gravel
  • Spare parts: rotors, spiral body, stuffing box, bearings, seals etc.
  • Capacity from 5 to 10.000 m3/h
  • Service and repair of pumps, including pumps from other manufacturers

Series AH, M, HH, LS – heavy duty


Heavy duty pump, suitable for every type of slurry, reliable at high solids content, up to 70% percent by weight.

Available with all materials.

Series LL – open impeller


With open impellers suitable for flotation froth and slurry densities up top 1,2kg/dm³.

Available with material A05

Series G / GH – gravel/dredge pump


Useable for dredging or pumping slag this pump is tough to manage hardest requirements. Armed with 3-channel impellers large partciles up to 254 mm can be pumped.

Available with material A05.

Series G – used as turnip pump

Series SP/SPR – sump pump


Vertical cantilever pump, immersion depth from 0,9 – 2,1 m depending on the size.

Series SP with material A05, series SPR with material R55.

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